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What is the Hum? 

The characteristics  of the Hum  are often associated with LFN (Low frequency noise)  and/or infrasound.    In all probably  the Hum may NOT have a single world-wide cause and most cases may simply  be down to LFN + infrasound where the  source(s)  has/have  not been  readily locatable.   


The Hum is a term given to an unusual  noise usually heard nocturnally and  especially indoors by an estimate of between 2-11% of the World’s population.   Descriptions of the Hum vary considerably from a sensation of pressure, pulsation or popping to that of a large bee tapped in a bottle.  Common denominators seem to be its quasi-periodicity, its estimated base frequency always below 100 Hz and its pulse repetition rate between about .3 and 5 Hz.     Even in locations where the Hum is heard, rarely do  two or more people seem to hear the same noise.   This is suggestive of cochlear non-linearity being requisite in Hum Perception.      In most of  the experiments  I have conducted  the Hum seems to be maximised when there is both infrasound and at least two narrowband LFN frequencies below about 300 Hz present  which satisfy the various cochlear  non-linear mixing equations  2f1 -f2   and  3 f1-f2 etc.  to within a few Hz  and especially  when there are mixes of continuous and pulsating amplitudes.     An additional scenario is room resonance.  If frequencies f1 and f2 correspond  with room resonance modes a much stronger Hum will be experienced.  Plus large rooms often have  higher order axial and tangential modes  which fall close to each other and this can accentuate flutter and pulsation as temperature and pressure change.


In cases where Hums have not been traceable, this had led some to suggest that maybe the Hum is a single Worldwide Phenomenon.  I would suggest that more than likely, however, the Hum is a collection of phenomena with some common denominators.    Moreover, I would suggest that the Hum is experienced when LFN and Infrasound from one or more than one source arrive through multi-path propagation  into buildings.   Brick buildings, especially those made of brick with a high iron content appear to be piezo amplifiers  of the Hum.   There are proportionately more reports of the Hum from brick buildings.        Thus, I would also suggest that as a phenomenon the Hum is a mix of the Anthropogenic and the Preternatural as the latter will alter its propagation.   In my work on the Hum, I also show that a few  human beings, in addition to being sensitive to LFN/Infrasound are also sensitive to changing low level magnetic fields at similar frequencies.   Thus, the  phenomenon in some special cases being vastly reinforced if any of the frequencies in the said LFN or infrasound  are numerically related as fundamentals, harmonics or sub-harmonics or flicker of power systems source or sinks.  Thus, in some cases, the Hum appears to be  far more than just a simple noise and to fully account for all hearer's perception of this enigmatic phenomenon complex biological, geophysical, quantum electromagnetic and even space physics processes may need to be invoked.     


Clues as to the  origin  of the Hum or its sources may be gained from a study of the History of its prevalence.       


The Hum as an enigmatic phenomenon, as gauged by press reports,    seems to have a history  traceable to the early 1970’s in the UK and to the early 1990’s in the USA.  Infrastructure which changed in both countries at about this time was the inception and expansion of High-Pressure Gas Mains and delivery. 

The Hum is now reported  as almost a World-wide phenomenon which, due to its growth, strongly suggests it  to be  anthropogenic or infrastructure related.  

Although Gas Mains probably contribute some components of the Hum in some countries, especially the USA,  one cannot escape the observation that when the latest Geographic distribution of prominent World Hums is considered it most closely correlates with the use of renewable energy systems, particularly wind turbines and hydro-plants   with Francis Turbines and PME Earthing  systems.  Wind turbine infrasound is a strong modern contender for the excitation of secondary LFN effects both in houses and throughout the electricity industry.   More significantly some wind turbines as with hydropower supply long distance narrowband seismic vibrations even when the blades are not turning. Phase imbalanced electrical systems  and vibrations from Electricity Sub-Stations may also contribute to the Hum.    To re-iterate there are virtually no reported cases of the Hum from countries and areas of the World which use TT electrical earthing systems.

Some of my work  also establishes an exciting link between Hum and climate/weather forecasting. This relates to preternatural propagation mechanisms of the Hum outlined above. See  http://www.drchrisbarnes.co.uk/Forecast.html




For a more advanced view of the Hum,  my latest 2021 publication on the Hum is found here:     http://drchrisbarnes.co.uk/super.htm

A further 58 publications on the Hum are to be found below: 

Academic collaborators welcomed.   I am also available as a 'Hum' investigator and expert witness.


International publications on the Hum:

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