Dr Barnes’ Free On-Line Books for School and College Students   first published on-line 23/10/2014

 Dr Barnes Homepage http://drchrisbarnes.co.uk   (See some examples of Interdisciplinary Engineering and Science where Science and Maths could take you after school)  


1.      Essential Electronics for AS level ( also useful for BTEC and GCSE Electronics and D&T courses with electronic bias) by Chris Barnes Ph.D ( Eng), MCIEA, QTS( Wales) http://www.drchrisbarnes.co.uk/ESSENTIAL%20ELECTRONICS%20FOR%20AS%20LEVEL%20DR%20BARNES.htm



2.      Essential Electronics for A2 level by Chris Barnes Ph.D ( Eng), MCIEA, QTS( Wales) http://www.drchrisbarnes.co.uk/A2.html



3.       Essential ICT for GCSE Level by Dr Chris Barnes MCIEA, QTS ( Wales) http://www.drchrisbarnes.co.uk/ESSENTIAL%20GCSE%20ICT.htm



      Dr Barnes’ Poetry where Science meets the Arts:  Turning STEM into STEAM!  


      If engineers get in touch with their creative side and/or work together with artists, writers and designers – better design, products and invention can often follow.