Dr Chris Barnes Climate Change Papers


1.      Some very short comments on the relationship between the Sun’s newly discovered magnetic year, Earth’s climate and Planetary beat hypothesis, by Dr Chris Barnes, Bangor Scientific and Educational Consultants. E-mail manager @ bsec-wales.co.uk   Released into Public Domain without full reference list  April 15th 201  http://www.drchrisbarnes.co.uk/PBMAG1.HTM


2.      North Wales ( Gwynedd) Winter and  Summer Temperatures since 1917 influence of Solar  Cycle and  prediction of a QBO ( quasi-biennial oscillation) and definition of its average length, by Dr Chris Barnes, Bangor Scientific and Educational Consultants, April 2015.     Abstract:


Control and feedback mechanisms in the earth climate system are very briefly discussed.   NAO and the QBO are strong indicators of winter temperature in Wales but are rather more irrelevant in summer.  Thus a search for a solar link to summer weather is made as an alternative. This   suggests Gwynedd’s recent extremes of weather could be due to changes in the solar cycle. Analysis of a century’s worth of UK climate anomaly data suggests that a shorter or longer than average solar cycle gives rise to an increased incidence of both colder than normal winters and hotter than average summers   with a very high statistical result for summers. The present work also suggests that by 2099 Gwynedd will be on average 1.07 C warmer which is closest to the IPCC B1 scenario and at the lower end of their predication scale but that most of the change could be solar induced. It is incredibly instructive to remove the data for the last and very unusual 14 yearlong solar cycle.  If this is done then the warming slope changes into a dramatic cooling slope showing a change of -5.7 C in the next 100 years. The data for winter and summer temperature anomaly also allows extraction of a sinusoidal varying QBO like component with a length of approximately 24.9 months  if one constrains the solar cycle to its average length.     http://www.drchrisbarnes.co.uk/Doc4.HTM


3.      Global anthropogenic temperature change correlates better with  total energy in world’s electricity grids than with total energy use. Alternative title:  EEP (Energetic Particle Precipitation) the key to climate change   By Dr Chris Barnes, Bangor Scientific and Educational Consultants email manager@bsec-wales.co.uk      First published online without  references August 2017.   http://www.drchrisbarnes.co.uk/eep.htm