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Having some outdoor hobbies such as Hill Walking and Gardening has meant that I have probably observed changes in our skies that others simply take for granted or haven’t even realized have happened.


Over the last decade, and living under a busy air-lane, I have become personally fascinated with the changes in aircraft contrails and the evolution of a whole new family of cloud  that I will describe loosely as ‘cirrus-aviaticus’ or aircraft cirrus.  Aircraft cirrus is formed when contrails do not dissipate. Under certain physical conditions of atmosphere and plume temperature and with certain plume and atmospheric chemistry contrails are capable of persisting for many hours. Such effects are not new and were first noticed over the English Channel in WW2!



However, since aircraft can now fly safely closer together whilst avoiding wake vortices by means of various tracer injection methods other changes are also apparent,   please see the following patent:


United States Patent


Lewis ,   et al.

March 30, 2010

Systems and methods for tracing aircraft vortices 


Systems and methods for tracing aircraft vortices. One method includes directing a tracer from a first aircraft into a vortical flow generated by the first aircraft. The method can further include detecting a characteristic corresponding to the presence of the tracer directed into the vortical flow. Based at least in part on the detected characteristic, the method can include directing the flight of the first aircraft, or a second aircraft following the first aircraft, or both.


Lewis; Michael S. (Round Hill, VA), Meserole; Jere S. (Bellevue, WA), Dunn; Michael J. (Federal Way, WA), Tillotson; Brian J.(Kent, WA)


The Boeing Company (Chicago, IL

Family ID:


Appl. No.:



December 27, 2006



The possibly  of closer aircraft to aircraft spacing (and injection of tracers see detail of patent)   encourages  the potential for a sort of ‘polymeric’ growth of contrails into cirrus aviaticus.   The position jumps and height changes of aircraft employing AVOSS and AMDAR systems COMBINED possibly also results in often peculiarly looking quantised and patterned patches of cirrus aviaticus. 


My research has led me to understand that cirrus aviaticus could potentially do the following

  1. Be responsible for more global climate change than all the CO2 emissions since air flight begin, see under Olivier Bouchier and  my publications  which seem to confirm his findings
  2. Cause inadvertent weather and climate modification changing local and global temperature and hydrology 
  3. Has the potential to be manipulated to cause purposeful weather and climate modification.


Thus my research has further led me to question if any of our weather is ‘natural’ anymore and has further led me to discover that some countries in the World regularly use large scale weather and climate modification in a proud uncensored manner.  However, sadly when I have found and referenced links to scientific publications and organizations conducting this type of research in the UK, Europe and some parts of the USA these links have often soon become broken or the relevant materials deleted from the Internet.  I will leave my readership to draw its own conclusions about why such censorship has occurred.


In countries which do not censor weather modification; the following techniques are available


Seeding by rocket or aircraft ( these are old technologies and can be used for rain enhancement or hail suppression)

Common seeding agents are Silver Iodide and Dry Ice.

Ionisers ( these are used to make it rain in dessert areas by attracting cloud nucleation particles)

Other forms of ENMOD ( electronic modification using ground or satellite based microwaves and/or ionosphere heaters

 (4) may be used in conjunction with modified contrails to form artificial weather fronts  for jet stream manipulation

Below I have supplied three detailed links where you can read about this in far more detail.  I have no idea how long the links will survive.

My worry is that if too many people/countries round the World  master this technology they may squabble over it and we could end up with a scenario of ‘Weather Wars’  

Also changes could be made which would dupe a public into believing this was all down to CO2 in order to tax us all stupid.


Further information can be found below for those interested in pursuing this:







Fact; The chemtrails ‘scare’ began in the USA some 10 years ago and has now

Propagated World Wide! The author does not believe in biological theories or little green men theories, but was for some 18 months persuaded to look at other aspects of the scare viz a viz poisonous metals etc. Months of painstaking research lead to some interesting conclusions. 


Fact; Probably up to 95% of all so called chemtrails are simple relatively harmless aircraft contrails; they look different simply because of new types of aircraft engine and fuel.


Obviously contrails are still somewhat chemical in nature containing greenhouse gases, chemical and particulate pollutants similar to those of a car gasoline or diesel engines.


Fact; Contrail shapes, patterns and persistence cannot adequately be explained by present Contrail prediction algorithms or weather forecasters based on temperature pressure, humidity, dew point and ice super-saturation alone, some serious chemistry and physics beyond the scope of even many Met Office cloud parameterisation experts has to be taken into account – this discrepancy and the inability of many so called experts to give proper or adequate explanations probably leads to a lot of the crazy conspiracy theories presently circulating.


Fact; The present Author has made empirical Research and extensive literature searches which can now for the first time ever properly debunk many of the contrail myths and conspiracy theories.


Observation; About 5% of all persistent contrails cannot be explained – these are probably the ones connected with weather modification and/or new experimental/ military aircraft technologies. Living close to a military airbase, the author has made some interesting observations of hypersonic vehicle trails and purpose- made photochemical smog. Observations of rain busting, storm quenching and rain causing chemtrails using hygroscopic materials have also been made.  Observations of the devastating micro-climate effect of contrails has also been made –forget CO2 this could be much worse!




Q. Why do Contrails sometimes appear when they shouldn’t i.e. disobey prediction Algorithms?

               and why do they sp


Because their formation is influenced by engine efficiency, ionising radiation and electric fields and prediction algorithms do not take this into account. Some of the ionising radiation comes from the sun some could come from Gamma Ray Bursts.  Some of the electric field comes from the aircraft itself some from the natural atmosphere. Water can take on ordered structure like crystalline ice in the presence of electric fields, this structure is further modified by crystalline materials known as NATS ( Nitrogen acid trihydrates ) which form on ice surfaces changing its super- saturation only under certain geophysical and space weather conditions  The author has proven a direct correlation between periods of heightened solar activity and the appearance of spreading persistent contrails which would seem to contradict prediction algorithms.    There may be a threshold of CCN for spreading. The author’s findings have support in the Scientific Literature

                    a Scientific Paper        1037.pdf#search='F.%20YU%20NEW%20YORK%20SOLAR'  BY Prof F. YU.


Q. Why are their more contrails than before?

           ANSWER: Air travel has increased. Many more aviation systems and meteorological experimental flights also occur


         3.         Q. Why do contrails take on exotic shapes?


ANSWER: This is due to wake turbulence combined with new engine and cooler exhaust technologies. It is also due to noise reduction technologies.  It is also due to NAT formation.  It is also due to jet stream winds and mountain waves and Kelvin Helmholtz instability



4. Q. Why do contrails show patterns and on off patches that sometimes spread to make clouds?  Why these clouds are are starting to look similar in many parts of the World.



 Elaborate patterns can be caused by wake vortices and wind shear also by World Wide AMDAR routing and Wake Turbulence avoidance systems like AVOSS because using AVOSS aircraft can fly closer together enhancing the chances of coupling between dissipating contrails. In these systems aircraft sometimes make quantised jumps of 2000 feet in course and height which can cause on –off patches.  Amdar routing calls for as many 3D intersections as possible, where civilian planes are insufficient private transport and military planes can be used in special ops.  3D Intersections from the ground can look like 2d cloud patterns up above and jumps in height from regions where condensation occurs  to those where it doesn’t and vice versa can cause the tell tale spreading of groups of contrails into aerosol clouds similar to but not quite the same as natural cirrus.

Spreading is also more on some days because Space Weather might favor NAT formation.  Some Scientists, even some at NASA, think that its OK for Aircraft Engines to emit more NOX because this replaces Ozone depleted by photolytic Halogen reactions. So aircraft fleet engines may be presently tuned up to give lots of NOX. However NOX gives NAT and NAT Clouds have not been properly parameterized yet, hence all the aerosol research and weather research ‘chemtrailing’ going on!


 NOX also produces ground level ozone, up to 40% more than normal near some of the World’s major airports.   At some temperatures and locations in the atmosphere NOX depletes ozone, the arguments as to the Chemistry and Physics are still raging! 


 5. Q. Why are there more planes some days than others?



  Aviators are still designing technologies; some days extra special ops. Flights are flown. This may involve parallel line flying when wake turbulence is being investigated.    Also meteorologists are very interested in aerosol clouds for climate Research and possible weather control /climate remediation they sometimes fly special ops. These ‘research flights’ often have curved, snaked or even circular flight paths.


6.     Q Are ENMOD and Contrails connected?

    Answer: Probably not directly but indirectly or inadvertently yes.  Some Contrails have a climate forcing effect.  Some have  a cooling effect. It all depends on the ice crystal shape and size and the height in the atmosphere.

   Water vapour in the wrong places in the atmosphere inadvertently changes weather as well.  One does not have to be a genius to speculate that once all this is parameterised contrails will most certainly be used routinely for weather/climate control.   The author suspects that such experimentation is already happening.


7. Q.   Are HAARP and Chemtrails connected?


Speculative Answer (some HAARP science is published but some remains classified)

 Not directly but possibly indirectly.  For instance on days when contrails spread to form pseudo –cirrus clouds, transient patches can often be seen labelled by some observers as ETC’s (Earthquake transient Clouds). These clouds contain complex interference fringes rather like water on the surface of a ripple tank with several diffractions they are seen to switch on and off within less than 2 seconds in some cases. A U.L.F wave or EZ Electro-acoustic wave from the ionosphere interacting with gravity waves at the UTLS is a possible explanation. Such waves could be seismically generated or could possibly arise from ionosphere heaters, or could arise from space weather changes, or could arise with interactions of power systems and mass transport systems on earth with the ionosphere. See also the author’s work on the phenomenon known as ‘the Hum’.   Clearly if there are more contrails then there is likely to be more ‘cirrus like’ NAT cloud, hence more chance of naked eye observation of ETCS.   More over a diurnal appearance of ETCS is observed which could originate from the natural electrojet or be due to shifting height of ionospheres reflective layers.


Comment by Author:  Unfortunately a lot of the most useful links have been cut by person or persons unknown – I leave this to the reader’s imagination. 


8. Q. Are there metals and particulates in contrails, could they have increased?

 ANSWER; Yes but only due to more efficient fuels, aero engines get wear and tear just like car engines there are bound to be small quantities submicron particles.  There are also globules of soot known as PAH (Poly aromatic hydrocarbons). 

Modern, more efficient, jet fuel will cause more of these, by freeing off their adhesion to turbine blades etc.       According to the patent specification on wake turbulence avoidance there is also the potential to use bio degradable smart particles as tracers.   It is unknown if this is being done. But it is interesting to note that a US Document ‘owning the weather by the year 2025’ refers to the development of ‘smart clouds’ 



      9. Is there Ethylene dibromide in JP8?  The precise formulas of some of these jet fuels are hard to come by. There are certainly

          Organophosphates in small quantities and have been recent scares about cabin crew safety, in two specific types of aircraft.

           For example, JP8 100 is now used in some civilian as well as military flights it contains dispersant molecules which may cause more particles

           in the plume and more spreading of the plume, but means the aircraft cost less to service!


10. Q Does the sky look different these days?



Most certainly   Yes, more so since about 1997 in the USA and 2000 in the UK, see answers 2-4 above but there are those that look up and those that don’t!   The more you look up the more you will see naked eye atmospheric phenomena that you never thought were possible. While air at ground level is cleaner in many cities, the UTLS is probably more polluted than ever before. More particles and NATS in the UTLS will mean more silver looking sun, paler blue skies, less u/v reaching earth and more of seeing unusual atmospheric optical effects such as halos and sun dogs more usually  seen in arctic and polar regions! If global dimming continues it will sicken people on earth due to lack of vitamin D and will make a mockery of the use of Solar Energy!



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