Dr Chris Barnes Multi-subject Educator and Consultant Scientist/Electronics Engineer and Generator of Multiple Ideas and Patents. Collaboration sought; patent writing services* and IP offered.   




A discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind.    Understanding is seeing what others have already seen yet thinking what no one else has ever thought!  Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Nobel Prize Winner

Present Academic and Business  Interests  

·         E-learning and teaching – Video conference methodology

·         Acoustic sensors and measurement (including bulk, QCM, Torsion xtal, shear and ultrasonic)

·         Dielectric sensing (esp. contactless Haematology Blood test systems) Please see http://www.drchrisbarnes.co.uk/BloodAD2012.htm

·         Low frequency electromagnetic measurement   

·         Stability of power grids (patent pending) Expert advice and measurement service available to power companies and electricity generators

# Power grids are suffering increasing instability and inter-harmonic issues as embedded generation esp. Wind Power grows.  

·         Although The ‘Interphone’ study has recently shown Mobile Phone use at close quarters to be without significant risk, it does not take mobile phone mast radiation into account. Dr Barnes presents a brand new understanding of  electromagnetic signal decay and its quantum biological implications will help  Mobile Phone operators  and planners more safely place masts to minimise bio-effects (patent pending)(see also services) Partners sought

·         Hitherto unexplained phenomena solved two  examples; (1) spreading persistent contrails and (2) the electromagneto-acoustic phenomenon referred to by sufferers as ‘the Hum’ Media advice available

·         Enhancements to radio frequency ablation cancer treatments ( patent pending)

·         New medical uses for microwave sustained cool plasma ( partners in cool plasma business sought)

·         New medical mobile phone apps, generic patents now filed: Mobile Phone as a Pupillometer, Mobile Phone USBOTG life signs and ambulatory monitoring/diagnosis interface (Programmers and / electronics company to develop urgently sought potential for US X-price?)


  Present equipment and expert consultancy services available

·         Transmission acoustic spectrometer system and software for Composite Materials Investigation (patent pending)

·         Acoustic magnetic  Spectrometer system for investigating Power Grid Stability Monitoring (patent pending)

·       Acoustic spectrometer system for investigation LFN (Low frequency Noise Complaints) Expert advice and site visiting service for environmental health departments available

·       Acoustic and electromagnetic equipment for investigation of complaints and cases of ‘The Hum’  Media enquiries welcome  Service to individuals and council environmental health departments available

·         Expert advice service available to planners and mobile telecoms operators on antenna site potential biological impacts (patent pending)

See link http://www.btinternet.com/~gmbarnes/mast.htm



·         Maximise consultancy and employment opportunities in relation to above 

·         Bring ‘trackside’ equine blood test device to market

·         Bring series of NPT human blood test devices to market (patent pending)

·         Sale of IPR in any of above also considered

·         Make 2012 the year when my ideas turn into reality

·         Use LinkedIn and ICT to maximum effect

Useful Links

·       Personal Website   http://www.drchrisbarnes.co.uk

·       Publications list     http://www.btinternet.com/~gmbarnes/publications.htm

·       Curriculum Vitae  http://www.btinternet.com/~gmbarnes/cvcb2012ELEC.htm