Contactless Haematology (Blood) Dielectric Measurement Technology Rife for Development in a

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Patents Pending

GB 1603828.3 A disposable microfluidic sensor element…

GB 1603427.4 A human and animal health indicator device

GB 1603306.0 A contact free near patient blood condition analyser device and method  

GB 1602603.1 Contact free blood analysis

GB 1602606.4 Methods and apparatus for predicting racehorse fitness/form


Contactless technology interrogates blood in a closed container using radio wave technology to provide:  

·        A one stop human or animal health status indicator –simple to read ‘traffic lights’ style indication *.

·        Or more advanced system testing Haemoglobin, Mean Cell Volume, ESR, NISR, Blood transfusion sample spoilage,   Optional Coagulation test.

·        Simple tests without risk of biohazard

·        Can use lab-bound vacutainer before it leaves GP office for path. Labs.

·        *Early indication of  emerging diseases such as Cancer, Fatty Liver, Type 2 diabetes, AD, RA etc.    

·        Animal health spin offs including race horse form and fitness    


Microfluidic version of the technology interrogates extremely small volumes of blood similarly.  


 All sensible development approaches and/or investors warmly welcomed

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