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I have a number of solutions and potential solutions* across a wide spectrum of energy industry problem areas. I seek collaboration with (or consultative contracts from) either directly energy generators, with DNOS or with established Development Companies in this Industry Sector. 



·        Harmonics and stability monitoring

·        New uses of inverters

·        Conductor sag and clearance

·        Using waste heat

·        Phase identification

·        Unusual LFN phenomena

·        EMF and health 

Dr Chris Barnes Electricity Industry and Electrostatics Related Publications and Patents


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GB 1207926.5 Remote real time conductor height and fixed field measurement

GB1207927.3 Remote real time conductor height and clearance ultrasonic measurement

GB 1207928.1 Remote real time conductor height and clearance electromagnetic measurement

GB 1207929.9 Remote real time conductor height and clearance reflectance measurement

GB1207611.3 Magneto –acoustic real-time harmonic monitoring of powergid

GB1207610.5 Remote real-time magneto-acoustic monitoring of power grid

GB1207529.7 Remote monitoring of overhead conductor clearance

GB 1207253.4 Utility Pole Rot

GB1206374.9 Utilising inverter heat


Electricity Industry Science

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‘The Metal –Dielectric Interface, Intermittent Contacts ’, C. Barnes and T.J Lewis, Conference of the        Dielectrics Society, Pembroke College, April 1982.

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  Observation of sub and inter-harmonic acoustic noise, not corona, on 400KV circuits; a new method of monitoring power grid stability, September 2011, By Dr Chris Barnes, Bangor Scientific Consultants, http://www.drchrisbarnes.co.uk/POWERGRID.htm


Smart Grids a new vehicle for rural and urban LFN nuisance or the Hum and its acoustic component, is there a simple way Smart Grids can maximise this? Released for Internet Publication 16th February 2013. Find paper at http://www.drchrisbarnes.co.uk/SMARTHUM.htm