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††††††††††††† Teletutors†††Founded by Dr Chris Barnes QTS MCIEA


††††† Partner to Videotutors video tuition for schools, colleges and individuals at http://www.videotutors.co.uk


Designed for the student at home and your KS3, GCSE and AS and A2 needs.



Mission Statement


Our aim is to provide a new type of help with all or any school/ college work in relation to your chosen subject (s) and to boost your confidence with improved communication skills if appropriate. This is home tutoring with a difference.


Itís tutoring on the phone or by VOIP (Voice over internet protocol). Experience shows that some students respond well to distance learning. Telephone tutoring is one manifestation of this learning medium. The advantage is you only pay for help when you need it without the burden of regular financial outlay to a home tutor or you can book a course of sessions in advance. For your peace of mind, all our tutors are qualified teachers and all are Criminal Records Bureau checked.




All pricing is on an individual basis following establishment of telephone rapport and engagement of work. With student discount prices start from as little as £5-00 per consultation (not exceeding 15 minutes), or £25-00 per week capped at a maximum of 6 consultations, or £500-00 per school term capped at 72x25minute (max) consultations.Payment is secure and is via paypal to gmbarnes@btinternet.com




At Elementary Level most subjects available. At GCSE level Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, I.T. and Electronics are available. At ĎAS/A2í level Electronics and Physics are available. At AS level Electronics, Chemistry and Physics are available. More general advice is available in most other subjects. Enquire. Opinions also cast on Scientific papers and Theses. Letter writing and C.V. re-drafting services also available.


 To Contact us initially please email to educationconsultants@yahoo.co.uk

You will need to mention teletutors in the subject line of your email or it will be rejected you will need also to send your name, address, Landline number and required subject/level

We will then upon establishment of suitable rapport send you our telephone or IP contact details.

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