On-line Every-day-life-skills in association with Bangor Tutors.


Starting September 2021


We are proud to be able to offer 121 and small group tailored tuition sessions in every-day-life-skills.


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Schools often do excellent jobs in providing academic grounding for their students/pupils, but often far too little attention is given to the every-day-life-skills and situations these young people will face when they brave the wider world.


There are also a generation of young adults lacking many basic skills of life. We have seen this niche and aim to address it.



Presently there are 20 individual PowerPoint tutorials available for adults and a similar number for young adults and children. You can purchase a single 121 session for 20 on your chosen topic ot the entire course for 300.


Topics offered Right Now


Adult skills topics offered right now are :

Basic car maintenance and how to fix a puncture,

Basic cooking and food preparation skills,

Basic electrical skills,

Basic First Aid,

Basic plumbing skills,

Basic sewing skills,

Effective Communication Skills,

Effective Negotiation,

How to Avoid Debt.

How to make a major purchase,

How to read a map,

How to research a topic properly,

How to survive without mains electricity,

Job application skills,

Money management skills,

Personal safety,

Relationship skills,

Self-Awareness Skills,

Wellness and mental Health Skills




Booking is ONLY available through Bangor Tutors Facebook outlet.



For COVID safe 121 sessions, payment in cash is taken.

For online sessions you will be advised at the time of PayPal Payment Address