Curriculum Vitae of Dr Chris Barnes


Present Positions:   Lead Teacher Physics @ Interhigh (Wey Education)

                               Freelance Science Writer at Scientia - Science Diffusion

                                and Manager Bangor Scientific and Educational Consultants

                               (incorporating Bangor Tutors)


Nationality:   British       

 Personal Website:





BSc. (Hons) ‘The Science of Materials’

MSc; Electronic Eng. (with special reference to Materials and Devices)  

PhD; Electronic charge transfer at the metal dielectric interface with particular reference to Biological Materials.  (Bangor University).





PREVENT (Training for Education Practitioners), FOUNDATION ONLINE LEARNING AND CPD (2018) 

FInst. Electronics Teachers 2012

QTS (WALES) DFES Registered 2006


SENIOR TEACHER GTCW ( Now education workforce for Wales) 2006

MCIEA (Chartered Inst. Of Educational Assessors) 2002





Head of Chemistry, Hillgrove School 2015-2017

Moderator at AQA (ICT) 2016 (Recent new appointment)

Moderator OCR (Science) (Recent new appointment)

Examiner Edexcel Chemistry 2016

Examiner OCR 2016

IB Examiner Chemistry 2012-2016

Head of Computer Science, ICT and Chemistry, Hillgrove School 2012-2015

Deputy Head of Science and Electronics NTDL 2003-2012

Head of Chemistry and I.T. Departments, Hillgrove Independent School 2002-2007

Examiner WJEC Computing 2001-2003

Examiner &Moderator Electronics AQA Manchester 2001-2015

Health and Safety Inspector Schools Employment Placements, Gwynedd Council 1994.

Manager Bangor Scientific and Educational Consultants 1991- present (formerly Oriel Systems)

Electronics Supervisor, Gwynedd Information Technology Centre,Cibyn,Caernarfon 1985-1986.

Research Fellow, Dept. of Electronic Engineering, University of Wales 1982-1991.

Lecturer, Gwynedd Technical College   1979 –1986

Research Assistant, British Steel 1977

Election Poll Clerk 1974



Moderator at AQA (ICT) 2016 (Recent new appointment)

Moderator OCR (Science) (Recent new appointment)

Course author and reviewer at Nelson Thornes Distance Learning

Referee   EPSRC Metrology for Life Sciences Program

EMC Consultant to RSGB

Referee for Journal ‘Sensors &Actuators’

Referee for SERC Medical Sensors Committee 

Morse code Examiner RSGB

Examiner C&G of London Inst. (working with blind and disabled candidates)



RECENT CONSULTANCIES (most recent first)


A flavor of my Interdisciplinary abilities, their broad spectrum and depth of my Academic Scientific, Engineering and Technological knowledge and experience is seen in the diversity of my recent involvement as a Consultant.       


Consulted by Hager (Electrical and Lighting) UK, confidential consultation (2015) 


Consulted by Ansell Lighting, confidential consultation (2015)


Consulted by BBC Wales in relation to LFN phenomena (2005-present) 


Consulted by The University of Lancaster in relation to quartz crystal sensing technology (1998 to present)


I was consulted by BNFL plc in Relation to metal ion environmental sensing, nuclear fuel separation technologies and in relation to radio-active dust monitoring (1995-2000)  


Consulted by Falt Elekronik AB in relation to radio frequency techniques (1999-2000) 


I was consulted by Haemowave AB in relation to Dielectric Absorption in Blood and hematology analysis (1995)


Consulted by Mici Elektronik AB in relation to analogue electronic design (1997)


I was consulted by Scinostics Ltd in relation to dielectric behavior of Blood between (1995 and 2000)


I was consulted confidentially by Nycomed Pharma /Nycomed Amersham in relation to Blood coagulation measurement (1998)


I was consulted by Laird of Anglesey (now Faun Municipal) in relation to an EMC problem on Motorway gritters (1993) which I successfully solved


I was consulted by Welsh Water Enterprises in relation to sewage sludge density and settlement monitoring (1991) and a scale version of the ultrasonic equipment I designed was fabricated and supplied





I have over 200 publications, patents and patent applications covering several fields please see



LANGUAGE skills:


English: Fluent, first language.

French: Conversationally quite fluent, reading well, writing fair.

Welsh:  Oral and written comprehension reasonable, some conversational, writing only a little. 

Swedish, German, Spanish/Italian: A little, some Oral and written comprehension, speaking a smattering.






New physical and chemical systems and methods for cancer prevention /treatment.   

Near patient blood analyser systems

Equine blood analysis and performance prediction systems.

New type of power socket and consumer unit (presently confidential)  

SDR Radio and Transmitter receiver systems

Software applications for Anti –loiter ultrasonic devices transmit and receive (presently confidential)  

I have invented new devices for the measurement of small value Electrical Capacitance.

I invented contactless Hematology Measurement Systems.

I designed a Broad Band Ultrasonic Absorption Monitor for liquids, published paper.

I have designed under-liquid crystal oscillators for environmental (metal ion) sensing and bio-sensing.

I have designed an ultrasonic sewage flock settlement monitor.

I designed an Ultrasonic beer foam stability monitor.

I invented and designed an electronic ink drying monitor; prototype was used at Coates/Lorrilleaux.

I invented a contactless self –energizing electric current monitor/ electricity meter.

I have invented numerous other solutions for the electricity industry - see patents list

I have invented a new type of   Acoustic NDT (Non -destructive computer based materials testing system). 



All variations of MS Windows and Office.

Web authoring  HTML, and FTP.

Various specialist maths and engineering software.

DOS, Q-basic, Some VB, Small Basic, Some JAVA, Some Harvard Assembler,

Also have some experience in most other commonly used school programming training GUI environments.




The principles of Selling’, Management Support, MANWEB, St Helens Road,


 ‘How to deal with difficult people’, Management Support, Caernarfon 

‘Short Health and Safety Inspection Course’, Gwynedd Council, Caernarfon

 ‘Microprocessors Course’ Bangor University





1.   Amateur Radio, call sign GW4BZD, design, build some of own equipment, modify   Commercial Equipment, SDR (software defined radio and digi-modes)   

2.    Property Renovation /D.I.Y/ Gardening/ landscaping.

3.    Fell walking, sometimes combine with Amateur radio

4.   Bengal Cats   

5.   Tropical Fish Keeping

6.    Writing poetry, I have several published poems

7.   Internet Blogs, Science Writing  and Self –Publication, see






Last Updated July 2017