Dr Chris Barnes Papers on Tree Die Back:Effects of Radio-Frequency Radiation, Overhead Lines and Electrical Ground Currents.



PAPER 1:††† A new mechanism for Tree Die-Back by Dr Chris Barnes Bangor Scientific and Educational Consultantsby Dr Chris Barnes August 2013.http://drchrisbarnes.co.uk/td01.htm





More on anthropogenic tree and forest dieback; Cell Phone antennas revisited and a separate and additional mechanism involving high voltage electricity direct and indirect routes, by Dr Chris Barnes August 2013.http://drchrisbarnes.co.uk/TD02.htm





Random tree and shrub deaths and die back in an urban environment at sites which always show modestly but occasionally drastically elevated radio frequency power densitiescompared to background and arising from multiple sources, an experimental study.By Dr Chris Barnes, Bangor Scientific and Educational Consultants. E-mail doctor.barnes@univ.bangor.ac.uk.†† http://www.drchrisbarnes.co.uk/TD03.htm




The unified missing link, oxidative stress  as a result  of altered  water structure at gas -liquid interfaces leading to apparent electromagnetic memory  and accounting for very diverse instances of radio frequency induced plant and animal bio-damage such as tree die back, cancers and even stroke, by Dr Chris Barnes , Bangor Scientific and Educational Consultants. First published online autumn 2013, revised and with full reference list December 2014. E  -mail doctor.barnes@univ.bangor.ac.uk http://www.drchrisbarnes.co.uk/Unified.htm



http://truththeory.com/2013/07/27/9th-grade-science-project-finds-plants-dont-grow-near-wi-fi/this is another interesting link, seemingly confirming the authorís findings.