Dr Chris Barnes – Résumé


E-mail manager@bsec-wales.co.uk

Websites   http://drchrisbarnes.co.uk  Linkedin  http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/dr-chris-barnes/45/963/526



Present Objective






Seeking employment or consultancy in any of:  the writing/ authoring, educational, fundamental research, analytical and/or R&D fields to bring mutual employer/employee kudos.   I also wish that via such employment I can bring as many benefits to my fellow human kind as possible.   Part -time considered if working from home or in local area.    






Educated to Doctoral level, a multi-skilled, multi-talented, immensely creative and perceptive lateral thinker/writer. Bringer of tremendous and manifold scientific foresight and numerous new and novel ideas.  A highly adaptive, Interdisciplinary Scientist, Electronics Engineer, Author, Communicator, Inventor, Patent Writer, Examiner and Educator with some thirty plus years’ experience .  A rare and indeed perhaps almost unique combination.   Heading up the Chemistry department in an Independent School   and in parallel   running a Private Consultancy and a small Tutoring Organization.   Author of some forty peer reviewed publications and well over a hundred internet self-publications and some fifty or so patents and patent applications. Academic and Private Research work has spanned the very diverse, yet sometimes inter-related fields of Electrostatics, Dielectrics, Acoustics, Ultrasonics, Industrial and Bio-sensing, Earth and Atmospheric Science and Cancer Epidemiology.   Patent and patent applications also cover most of these fields and provide various energy industry, medical and other solutions. Also a prolific, creative writer and amateur poet.  Usefully, I have well over a thousand ‘LinkedIn’ contacts, many at high Academic and Governmental Departmental Level.





                                                Present: Lead Teacher, Physics @ Interhigh (Wey Education)

                                                (Britain’s largest and best online school) 












Head of Chemistry Hillgrove School Bangor - School ranked 3rd in World in recent     PISA                 education of 15year old’s assessment.

With Chemistry under my direction, the PISA study shows 100% of pupils queried enjoy assimilating new facts in Science.

· Responsible for small Chemistry laboratory and budget, all Chemistry course content, staff mentoring, lesson   observations and appraisals. 



Head of  ICT and Computer Science and Chemistry ,  Hillgrove School, Bangor

· Developed and Introduced New Computer Science Courses.

· Responsible for ICT suite and recent improvements.






Deputy Head of Science Faculty, Nelsonthornes Distance Learning

· Authored entire GCSE electronics course.  

  Maintained consistent high value added ALIS scores

· Main academic proof reader and reviewer for A-level Science courses.  




Manager ,  Bangor Scientific and Educational Consultants, formerly Oriel Systems

· Provide Consultancy services and sell bespoke, in –house Industrial and Medical Sensing solutions to Businesses and Academia at Local, National and International Level.

· Examples include: Ink drying monitor, QCMV microbalance systems (patent applied for), nuclear materials dust monitor, Capacitance measurement   and Hematology analyzer systems, Electricity Industry Solutions, new Acoustic NDT testing methodology.  More recently new and tested theories of RF radiation and biology, new biomedical treatment systems under development. New  compositions for a variety of medical conditions developed.           

·   Responsible for developing several patented technologies.

·   Responsible for entire budget, ideas generation and advertising including website creation and also did all own Legal work for patenting and I.P.

· Manage and liaise with teams of sub-contractors and collaborators.

· Provider of original Science research and communication and self-publication in diverse fields such as Cancer Research, Climate Change, Geoengineering, Bee and urban tree decline etc. 

· Scientific Investigator, particularly of new and unexplained preternatural phenomena.   Disseminate huge volumes of self-authored scientific publication   via own  website at http://www.drchrisbarnes.co.uk


· Also, provide Private Tutoring Services at all levels from KS3 to degree at Bangor Tutors http://bangor-tutors.co.uk










Research Assistant, UCNW Bangor

· Worked in academic research in fields of ultrasonic measurement and developing shear wave sensors for chemical and biological molecular systems. Authored several tens of joint and independent publications. Presented work at International Conferences.  Was invited academic referee for SERC and International Journal Sensors and Actuators.     

· Responsible for smooth running of laboratory and supervision of a number of PhD students and laboratory demonstration and some undergraduate practical work marking.    

· Developed new ultrasonic technology for Sewage Sludge settlement.

· Developed new types of QCM (quartz crystal microbalance) for use immersed in liquids.   Developed concept of dual dielectric/ piezo-electric sensor.     


  Lecturer, Post 16 Gwynedd Technical College

· Introduced and taught two new courses.      





Professional qualifications




QTS(Wales)  DFES Registered    



M.C.I.E.A.  (Chartered Inst. Educational. Assessors) 









PhD, UCNW, and Bangor ' The dielectric properties of the metal insulator interface with particular reference to biological materials'.  



MSc.,  UCNW, Bangor  'Electronic Materials and Devices'  


BSc (Hons), UCNW, Bangor ‘The Science of Materials’ - A degree including elements of Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Environmental Science and Bio-materials.     



Computer Skills 



All forms of MS Office.  MS DOS and all forms of Windows.    FTP, HTML and Web design.  BASIC, Q BASIC, SMALL BASIC, Some VB, Some JAVA, Some Harvard Assembler. 

Hardware repairs, assembly and networking.  Computer –radio interfaces, digi-modes, SDR. 


Language Skills 



·         English Fluent, have also JMB University test in English with written and spoken. 

·         French satisfactory, speaking and reading, writing a little.

·         Welsh some conversational, some reading. 

·         German a little.

·         Spanish a little.

·         Swedish a smattering.