Terms and Conditions Revised July 2016

1.     We are not a shop. Repairs are carried out in my home therefore this is a postal service only

2.     In order to minimise identity theft, rife on the internet today, my full postal contact details will only be supplied once you establish email and/or telephone contact with me and satisfy me that you are of genuine intent and locatable within the UK 

3.     No inspections of or repairs will be carried out on Radios known to be under warranty or insured elsewhere

4.     Telephone and email opinion is free but response may not be immediate

5.     All radios and related items are sent to my premises at your own risk and you are advised to use recorded delivery postage plus you are responsible for quality of wrapping on in bound journey  

6.     You must supply us with either the serial number of the radio and/or some sort of proof of your ownership of the radio by email before posting it to us

7.     You must supply a full UK return address and postcode

8.     It may be possible to give an initial diagnosis and repair estimate by phone or email based on the symptoms you describe pertaining to your equipment but this should not wholly be relied upon- I will supply a more detail diagnosis and estimate when the equipment reaches me and before you start incurring labour charges 

9.     If you give me the go ahead to continue repair after my initial inspection and more accurate quote then charges incurred will include labour, parts and cost of return postage which will always be a signed for service.  If at this stage, I do not continue the repair the radio will be returned to you at your cost. We may sometimes offer to purchase dead (irreparable) radios for parts but this is not guaranteed.    

10.Labour IS NOT charged at an hourly rate because some jobs on some types of equipment are easy and some are far harder and more time consuming, neither will labour be charged in accordance with the value of the equipment. However, you will be provided with an invoice showing a breakdown of parts, repair and return postage costs – For guidance only, the cheapest repair inclusive of parts and labour might be in the region of £30 plus postage – A typical more expensive radio repair, for example but not exclusively, requiring a complete circuit board or rare valve could exceed £200 – But these values are only for your very approximate guidance. We will always agree an estimate first before proceeding and should we expect this to be exceeded we will contact you for your approval before continuing   


11.Where possible genuine manufacturers parts will be used but if these cannot readily be sourced you will be offered the option of alternatives or equivalents.  In some very old or obsolete equipment it may be necessary to construct add-on or bespoke electronics in order to resurrect



12.Please remember some modern radios contain SMD boards and devices.  I do not have an SMD facility but do have a colleague who does have a limited SMD facility to whom I can pass such jobs.     In some cases, with SMD failures the best option is a complete new board.  These latter types of repair are sometimes uneconomical so don’t expect me to rejuvenate SMD non –runners bought off e-bay for instance


13.Linear amplifiers can be repaired but SOLID STATE sometimes contain very expensive transistors   

14.Due to the nature of electronic systems we may need to bench test or on-air test your equipment for several hours or even days after a repair to ensure against re-failure. Rare parts come sometimes take several weeks to obtain.

15.In the unlikely event of re-failure of your equipment with the same fault within a period of 1 month after return we are happy to either reimburse either the cost of components used or to re-examine your equipment free of charge other than postage costs – You will appreciate amateur and cb equipment can easily be damaged by user abuse and thus we regret we can offer no better guarantee policy than this

16.I will attempt to advise on telephone contact if a repair is uneconomic but if you send me a radio and this still turns out to be the case after examination or during or after commencement of repair and/or if the repair cost and/or two-way postage costs are likely to exceed the scrap value of any item in these cases you will only be responsible for paying postage costs and already incurred repair costs will be waivered and any added parts will be removed before return OR alternatively we will might offer to buy the equipment for spares

17.Radios and radio equipment OF ALL AGES ANCIENT TO MODERN will be considered for repair but mechanical and cabinet restorations are not presently undertaken although I am seeking a partner willing to take such on 

18.I want potential customers to feel comfortable with my background. I first built and repaired radios as a boy in the 1960’s. I made and modified most of my own Ham equipment as a teenager in the 1970’s. Also in the 1970’s and early 80’s I first repaired and modified CB radios.   I have been a licensed radio ham since 1970. I first taught radio and electronics in colleges the mid 1970’s including the RAE course and C@G industrial Electronics. More recently I have been teaching A-level Electronics and Computer Science.   Dr Chris Barnes, proprietor.

19.For mutual protection payment is only accepted by the following methods and you will NEVER be asked to provide CARD DETAILS:

a)     PayPal gift – You will be advised of the pp e-mail once a repair is contracted

b)    Cheque – You will be advised of details once a repair is contracted

c)     Postal order

d)    Cash in a plain recorded delivery envelope.