Dr Chris Barnes:  Granted Patents, Patents Pending  and Patent Applications 

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2023 Patents Granted

GB2597481  Self-powered, self-sustaining apparatus to accelerate growth of a plant or rooting of a cutting.   Granted  on 24th May 2023    

2021 Patents Filed

GB  2105382.2  Apparatus to accelerate or stimulate the growth of roots in soil, water or other growing medium and hence growth of a plant or a cutting thereof.

2021 Patents  Granted

GB 2579772  Electronic system to bring about changes in the physiology of a single plant or a plurality of plants  to be granted on  9th June  2021

2020 Patents Granted

GB2547271   A Contact Free Blood Assessment Device and Method Granted July 2020

2020 Applications

GB2011360.1  Self-powered, self-sustaining apparatus to accelerate growth of a plant or rooting of a cutting 

2019 Applications

GB1909604.9  Apparatus  and method to accelerate  the growth of a plant or part thereof such as a stalk, leaf, root, fruit, plant graft or cutting.

GB1907125.7 Apparatus  and method to accelerate plant growth


2018 Applications

GB 1817994.5  Electronic system to bring about changes in the physiology of a single plant or a plurality of plants

GB 1809243.7  An ultrasonic system for the detection of cancer

GB 1809242.9  An electronic   system   for use in the diagnosis of cancer. 

GB 1807445.0   Electronic system to bring about biological ion channel modification 

GB1805395.9    Apparatus and methods for the near patient diagnosis and/or confirmation of serious pathologies altering blood rheology  including sepsis ……

GB 1804845.4 An electronic system for confirming sepsis at the patient bedside.

GB 1800498.6   Improved apparatus for cold plasma generation. 


2017 Applications


GB 1704009.8 Method and device to prevent Gas Theft. 


GB 1703925.6   Methods, Means and Devices to detect electricity supply feeder cable tampering.  


GB 1701419.2    Frequency method, means and device for stimulating the growth of mammalian fibroblasts.


GB1701212.1   Drug free activity augmentation of the volume-sensitive outwardly rectifying (VSOR) chloride (Cl−) channel.


GB 1700946.5   Method for assessing the biocompatibility of so called athermal electromagnetic radiation, pulsed fields, frequency(ies) or vibration(s).


GB 1700685.9   Methods of improving the safety and reducing the bio-hazard of radio transmission, with means and apparatus for doing the same.


GB 1700599.2 A multi-purpose cytotoxic light source.


2016 Applications


GB 1622473.5    A broad spectrum antimicrobial composition with enhancements. 


GB 1622471.9   Base composition and enhanced compositions to reduce food spoilage and for emergency consumption in cases of food poisoning.   


GB 1622446.1   A   livestock food additive composition with antimicrobial properties and enhancements thereto. 


GB 1622374.5   A   food additive or dietary supplemental base composition for cancer chemo-prevention purposes with synergistic enhancements   thereto (the enhanced composition) for specific cancer type chemo-prevention or intervention.   


GB 1622295.2   Frequencies for intervening in disease progression, such as infections and/or molecular diseases such as for example cancer. 


GB 1621469.4   Combined Radio Frequency and Ultrasound Device to influence mammalian cellular dynamics, for example, mitotic spindle, cell cycle etc.


GB 1621468.6   Ultrasonic device to influence mammalian cellular dynamics, for example mitotic spindle, cell cycle etc.


GB 1621204.5 Device to influence mammalian cellular dynamics, mitotic spindle, cell cycle etc.


GB 1602603.1   Contact free blood analysis

GB 1602606.4 Methods and apparatus for predicting racehorse fitness/form


2015 Applications


GB 1505086.7  A rotator apparatus ………………


GB 1504992.7 Lighting apparatus …………………



GB 1504991.9 A teen buzz detector/converter device


GB 1504990.1 A mosquito test unit device


GB 1504752.5 A computer or mobile device controlled method and apparatus to prevent anti-social loitering ………………………………………..


GB  1504706.1  A non –invasive method and device to boost serum serotonin, 5-MTT and optionally vitamin D.  



GB 1504509.9 Method and device to discourage anti-social behaviour


GB1504508.1 Acoustic sensor ……………..


GB 1504350.8 Improved lawnmower apparatus


GB 1504344.1   In-line Power Trip


GB 1504341.7 Power Socket Insert


GB 1504248.4   Street Noise Deterrent Device


GB 1504246.8 …………Consumer Unit  ( full Title presently Confidential)


GB1504340.9 An improved Consumer Unit Trip


GB 1504235.1 ……………..Power Outlet  ( full title presently Confidential)



GB 1502908.5 A portable lighting device   with the purpose of  reducing  cancer risk


GB 1502912.7 An improved lighting device   with the aim and purpose of  increasing  health benefits and reducing  cancer risk


GB 1503093.5 Methods and devices for the maintenance of a normal healthy sleep- wake cycle (circadian rhythm) 


GB1503216.2   A moving vehicle or other moving object detector (priority data for GB1503228.7)


GB 1503228.7 A method and device for saving energy, full title truncated method related to Public Lighting



2013 Applications


GB1322611.3  VQCM Array

GB1322351.6  A voltage swept QCM device


GB1306450.6  Method and Apparatus for Blood Analysis without contact

GB1306558.6  Method and device for measurement analysis of blood

GB1306639.4  A radio frequency method and apparatus for blood analysis





2012 Applications


GB 1207926.5 Remote real time conductor height and fixed field measurement


GB1207927.3 Remote real time conductor height and clearance ultrasonic measurement

GB 1207928.1 Remote real time conductor height and clearance electromagnetic measurement

GB 1207929.9 Remote real time conductor height and clearance reflectance measurement

GB1207611.3 Magneto –acoustic real-time harmonic monitoring of powergid

GB1207610.5  Remote real-time magneto-acoustic monitoring of power grid

GB1207529.7  Remote monitoring of overhead conductor clearance

GB 1207253.4 Utility Pole Rot

GB1206374.9   Utilising inverter heat

GB1206336.8   Avoiding harmonic injection  

GB 1206082.8 Remote monitoring of pole mounted overhead conductor to ground clearance without a site visit


GB 1206058.8 Method and apparatus for detecting utility pole rot below ground level without excavation by ground inserted antenna system


GB 1206040.6 Method and apparatus for detecting utility pole rot below ground level without excavation by dielectric and acoustic spectroscopy


GB 1205987.9 Pupillomter method for a mobile phone


GB1205941.6 Method and apparatus for avoiding harmonic injection


GB 1205914.3 Improvements to utility pole rot measurement by remote means


  GB 1205887.1 Contactless determination of an initially unknown single phase at a consumer’s premises relative to a known point in a three phase electricity network


GB 1205885.5 Electricity phase identification at a consumer’s premises without reference to mains waveform and by means of simple sub-station retrofit


GB 1201505.3 Method for predicting racehorse fitness to run or form from combined blood parameters obtained by laboratory analysis or by electrical capacitance measurement


GB1201504.6 Pupillometer method for a mobile phone


GB1201501.2  USBOTG mobile phone interface system with plug in contactless sensors and transponder for ambulatory patient monitoring and/or diagnosis


2011 Applications

 GB 1114954.9 Method and apparatus for assessing stability of a power grid or section thereof employing a novel sensing method.



GB 1111767.8  A method and apparatus for indicating patient well being or the suitability of a donor to give blood.


GB 1112508.5 Method for the eradication of bedbugs using electromagnetic energy


GB 1113243.8 Method and apparatus for the thermal ablation of tissue based on algebraic as opposed to exponential decay of electromagnetic field.


GB 1113174.5 A method and apparatus for more accurate prediction of locations in the vicinity of transmitting antennas or base stations wherein occupants or other life forms face maximum deleterious bio-effect.


GB 1113547.2 Method and apparatus for materials characterization or quality control referred to as acoustic transmission spectroscopy. 


Others and earlier applications and granted patents


GB2 435 097   Assessing erythrocyte membranes using electromagnetic and ultrasonic energy.


GB2 414 558   Monitoring changes of composition or concentration in a fluid.


GB2 400 669    A method and device to obtain hematological parameters and indicators by means of harnessing the dynamics of erythrocyte and other aggregation.  


GB 2 381 109  Electronic Protection for Police, Security Vehicles and their personnel.


GB 2 366 384    A visco-dielectric sensing method and device.


GB 2 356 633    A Morse key adapter/device.


GB 2 338 790   Method and Apparatus for Contactless Self –Energised Alternating   Current Load Monitoring.


GB 2 338 053   A method for accelerated fridge /freezer defrosting.


GB 2 336 685   Method and device for the measurement of fixed or time varying electrical capacitance.


WO/93/18395   Apparatus for determining the physical and /or chemical properties of a sample, particularly blood.


GB 2 260 407   Method and devices for A.C. measurement on all electro-magnetically permeable matter, preferably liquid blood.


GB 0600364.4  Method for gauging the persistence of Contrails by recording seismic events.


GB 0600363.6  Method for earthquake prediction by observing aircraft contrails.


GB 0600066.5  Method for predicting the onset of pseudo cirrus and/or persistent contrails by   observing a geomantic parameter preferably C9. 


GB 0108293.2   Method and apparatus for the measurement of a fluid property or properties specifically by the combined use of fluid containment containers.


GB 9816835.4    Method and embodied apparatus to provide automatic isolation of electrical equipment in the absence or removal of mains earth connection  (not same as standard  ELCB)


GB 9816805.7    Method and apparatus for indicating the status of a fuse and attached equipment 


GB 9811710.4    Method and apparatus for the batteryless detection of electric fields


Other specifications prepared but not filed 


·         Method for zoned vehicle speed limit control


·         Method for  reduced damage CHIP and PIN reading


·         A new method of receiving radio signals  


·         Method of gathering garden debris for back-injured persons