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'Some brief comments on the Amish and Cancer' by Dr Chris Barnes Bangor Scientific and Educational Consultants. http://www.drchrisbarnes.co.uk/AMISHCA.htm


      'Overhead power lines a complex public health hazard more than just EMF' by Dr Chris Barnes, Bangor Scientific and Educational Consultants August 2013 e-mail doctor.barnes@univ.bangor.ac.uk  http://www.drchrisbarnes.co.uk/PL01.htm


Fifty years down the line Tobacco industry strives  for a cigarette which doesn’t cause cancer and when we have epidemiology, experiment and testable models for genetic interaction does this or should this inform our attitude to ELF EMFS?  By Dr Chris Barnes, Bangor Scientific and Educational Consultants, email doctor.barnes@yahoo.co.uk http://www.drchrisbarnes.co.uk/ELFATT.HTM


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